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Providing professional court reporters for student mock trials
(a free service)


Court reporters – also referred to as shorthand reporters or stenographers – are responsible for keeping written records of legal proceedings, whether in the courtroom, government, or private settings.  In an effort to create a genuine courtroom environment and experience, we are proud to provide professional court reporters to educational institutions.  This is a free service.

What does a court reporter add to mock trials?

A court reporter adds authenticity to the trial experience.  The court reporter is a trained listener whose job it is to create a clean record of the proceedings.  If requested, as such, the court reporter will inform the speaking party (or acting judge) if they cannot hear what's being said.  This encourages the participants to speak clearly, project their voices, and not speak over one another.


How much or how little the court reporter interacts within the proceedings is entirely up to the mock trial organizers and agreed upon beforehand.  Of course, we suggest taking advantage of everything court stenographers have to offer.  Machine reporters have been utilized in courts for over 50 years.  Their unique ability to capture an accurate record ensures they will remain the "guardians of the record" for many years to come.


“I learned to speak slowly and clearly at all times. Whether talking to the judge or a witness, each and every word matters, and rushing through thoughts and arguments only works to your detriment. Having a court reporter in the room was a great reminder of this.”  Dylan Dordick - Student at Hastings

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