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NCRA Members - Earn PDCs

As a court reporting professional and member of NCRA, you must attain 3.0 CEUs each cycle (1.0 can be PDCs).  Taking part in a mock trial is a great way to get those PDCs and contribute to the community at the same time.
Reporters will not be required to provide a transcript of the proceedings.   
Reporters:  Use the form below to add your details to our database for mock trial consideration.
Providing pro Bono Services

Pro Bono Services are defined by the Council of the Academy of Professional Reporters (CAPR) as “providing court reporting, realtime, CART, or captioning services for which compensation in any form was not rendered.” In practice, this can include any variety of services, such as providing CART services for a deaf consumer at a meeting or church service or taking depositions for litigants who could not afford reporting services. Specifically, 0.25 credit will be awarded for a minimum of 2.5 hours of pro bono service, of which 30 minutes can be the preparation involved. Services for two one-hour events plus 30 minutes of preparation, for example, can be combined for one submission. The preparation time will be accounted for on the honor system. Members will submit an NCRA form along with the processing fee when requesting the credits. The form must be signed by either the deaf consumer or the host of the event for which the pro bono services were performed.

PDC Details

Please note that PDC credits for each NCRA reporter cannot exceed the 1.0 PDC (or 10 hours) maximum per certification cycle. You will need to provide to each NCRA reporter an attendance form/certificate identifying the following:


· Organization logo, name, address, and phone

· Activity description

· Activity date

· Activity location

· Total hours logged by NCRA reporter

· Your official signature confirming NCRA reporter participation and hours


Each NCRA reporter would then be responsible for submitting their completed forms using the NCRA Online Submission System for review and application to their NCRA transcripts.
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