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Request a Court Reporter


Mock Trial Reporters is a free service.  As such, we rely on the generosity and availability of court reporters to cover all mock trial requests.  Utilizing our database of over 100 court reporters from across the country, we will do our best to fill your schedule requests.

“As a young law student or lawyer, knowing this is actually being recorded...offers a sense of realism to the process that cannot be substituted. There is no better learning tool.”
Markus Willoughby, 2013 Chair
Carlene Caldwell Scholarship Fund

Thank you for your interest in MockTrialReporters.
If you would like to request a court reporter's participation in a mock trial, please fill in the information below.
If you are a court reporter who would like to be placed in our database to provide services, please sign up at the Reporters page.

Success! Message received.

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